The Ancestral Table Book Review

I’ve been following The Domestic Man’s (aka Russ Crandall) blog and Instagram for a while now and I’ve always thought he had something a lot of other food bloggers didn’t have, especially in the paleo/primal community.  Maybe it was because in a world of desserts and baked goods his posts always had something different about them, a sense of fresh thinking on old authentic dishes with real food, real meat, real vegetables. When I found out he was coming out with a cookbook, The Ancestral Table, of course it was ordered almost immediately after release.  I don’t get too incredibly excited about cookbooks nowadays.  Usually they contain a few recipes out of a hundred or so that I actually have tried and even fewer that I use on a regular basis.  There are a lot of quality books on the paleo lifestyle that are GREAT for beginners, for those who haven’t had much experience in a kitchen or how to cook your everyday cuts of meat.  With having quite of a bit of experience already, I don’t find many cookbooks useful in my household.  Maybe I’m just a jerk, it’s possible. The one thing I have been trying to do is dig into some ethnic dishes from different parts of the world and I think I’ve found my main resource.

Every recipe is different.  He takes traditional dishes from all over the world and makes them easily accessible in our own kitchens.  Only after having the book for a couple weeks, I’ve already tried out a number of dishes and LOVED EVERY SINGLE ONE.  The Ancestral Table is both for chefs with years of experience and beginners who are ready to dive into a world of pure culinary awesomeness.  

The other aspect of the book that differs from other paleo lifestyle books is his use of rice, dairy, and potatoes.  These three items have been staples in the human diet for thousands of years and today remain an inexpensive way to feed our families.  I do not use rice incredibly often, but we have it on hand for days we are low on protein and vegetables or are just straight hungry for a starch.  I think it’s great to include these in some of the recipes for those of us who can consume them without an detrimental effects to our health.  

So far, we have tried the lamb tagine, crab cakes, pizza dough, tostones, butter chicken, pesce al sale, and have used his methods for preserved lemons and mayonnaise.  We have honestly loved every one of them.  Image 

And yes, I’m holding two copies. 

I highly suggest whatever diet you follow to check out Mr. Crandall’s book.  Here you can order it on Amazon.

 Thanks to Russ for giving us all something to learn from and enjoy at our dinner tables.  I can’t wait to cook all the way through your book.


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