DIY Engagement Party (Goat Cheese Figs!)

If you haven’t already heard, Matt asked me to be his wife last month.  (!!!) The date we are planning for is June 21, 2014 if all goes well.  I’m so happy to be planning a wedding and to have his parents who offered us to have it on their farm.  Talk about perfect.  A gorgeous Midsummer vintage wedding set on a farm with horses and a lake. I am also lucky enough to have tons of friends and family willing to help out with everything from the invitations to the food.  And some very talented friends at that.

We had our engagement party at the Winery at Wolf Creek.  We picked some picnic table overlooking a hill and lake with a pasture and goats (yes, goats).  We were able to bring our own food so my step-mom and I brought all of the food. Everyone was so impressed they thought it was professionally catered.  Cheese and crackers with peppered salami, fruit, jams and spreads, watermelon with feta and mint, individual spicy shrimp cocktails, a cupcake and chocolate tower, olives, and these fresh figs with goat cheese, rosemary, and honey balsamic drizzle:


20 fresh figs

1 small log goat cheese


1/2 cup white or golden balsamic vinegar

3 Tbl honey

Quarter figs starting at stem end and leave the bottom intact.  Push the sides out and fill with a dollop of goat cheese.  For the balsamic drizzle, place vinegar and honey in saucepan and simmer gently until it reduces and turns into a syrup (remember once it cools it will become a lot thicker so keep that in mind and don’t reduce TOO much or you’ll have super glue).  Place a couple leaves of rosemary on each fig while the balsamic cools.  Drizzle just before serving with a spoon. I saved my leftover balsamic reduction in a mason jar for later use.

We loved our engagement party and hope the rest of the wedding planning goes just as smoothly! Thanks to everyone who came and helped out.

Here is my favorite photo of the evening:



One thought on “DIY Engagement Party (Goat Cheese Figs!)

  1. Congrats happy for u..u look amazing in Ur pic..and the food sounds awesome!!!! Best of luck and wishes to u and Ur future husband ~amber

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