Why I now hate the word Paleo

Paleo. What’s Paleo? Is that Paleo? Aren’t you Paleo? That’s not Paleo.

Sometimes I cringe at hashtagging the word on my instagram.  I almost only use it to get my name out there.  If anything, I strive to eat Primal which is based on Mark Sisson’s book, The Primal Blueprint. His approach to the lifestyle is the most acceptable and accessible and DOABLE out of anyone’s I’ve seen.

Back to Paleo. Let me list off why I think the word is becoming annoying.

1.  The “Paleo Police” I see it happen all the time when other bloggers or foodies post online.  “cashews aren’t paleo.” “you’re eating cheese? that’s not paleo.” STFU. When you start going out and hunting your own meat and eating only the plants you’ve foraged, then you can judge.  Good luck in the winter, dude.

2. Things like almonds were domesticated.  Wild almonds are poisonous.  Therefore, not something that would be easily consumed by our pre-agricultural ancestors.

3.  Nor would they be eating large amounts of premade coconut oil.  Or have meat three square meals a day.

4.  Your high heels and makeup aren’t paleo. (I could gear this towards a certain person who is VERY large in the paleo community and very annoying and bitchy. A total PP (paleo police).

5. If I want to eat some pizza every once in a while and feel like crap after, I will.  I know the outcome.  I don’t have some severe form of IBS or feel like dying after one bite of gluten. So I’ll have some effing pizza every once in a while if I feel like it.

What this boils down to is your diet shouldn’t be a RELIGION.  You should eat what makes YOU feel good. Although eating mainly a diet of fresh vegetables, wild or pastured animal meats, seafood, fruits and nuts, and plenty of healthy fats is what undoubtedly the best thing we can do, enjoy life.

Have a f*&$ing  cupcake every once in a while if that’s what you want.


5 thoughts on “Why I now hate the word Paleo

  1. That’s EXACTLY how I feel !!!! I LIVE with the food police !!! My wonderful son Cody polices everything that I eat I know that he is doing it in my best interest but I KNOW when I eating something that is “non-paleo ” but sometimes a girls just gotta have that she wants

  2. I totally get what you are saying. Every group has their “we are king… you are scum” people and they have a need to label everybody and everything. You are either this or you are that. It is a human need to “belong”… and for most people that means also dumping on everything not in their tribe. I tip m hat to your honesty and fortitude to creating a platform to share your view.

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