Well, after a year of waiting to take the test, and 6 and a half weeks of waiting on my results, I finally find out tomorrow if I have Lynch Syndrome.  For those of you who haven’t heard me explain it a million times, it’s the genetic mutation that caused my mother’s multiple bouts of cancer and also my brother’s recent cancer. We found out last year a hereditary gene mutation was passed down to my brother and possibly to me, a 50% chance.  I have been anxiously waiting the results and panicking every time an unknown number calls my phone and tomorrow FINALLY is the day.  The stress of waiting has resulted in many almost-nervous breakdowns, tears, and chocolate in all forms consumed in a somewhat large amount.  

       Tomorrow is a turning point. Either way the test comes back, it marks an end to the waiting and stressing. If I end up with the mutation, I will be able to move forward and get the tests and check-ups necessary (and I’ll probably get a little joy out of being able to call myself a mutant. There has to be at least ONE positive thing I can think of!) I will be mentally prepared to take care of myself better, eat only (mostly I should say) foods that nourish my body instead of harm it, and soak up all the GOOD and BEAUTIFUL things life has to offer while I can.  If the results are negative I will first throw a party, then continue learning and teaching, moving on from all of it and starting a new lease on a healthier, less stressed, and more productive lifestyle. So everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me and pray and wish upon stars and moons that it comes back negative. And if it doesn’t, I’ll be ok.