Paleo AND organic for $1.75 a meal??

You guys are lucky that I just lost my ENTIRE entry as I was typing it. It was full of me going on about the importance of quality meat.  I’ll just give you a quick summary. Support animals’ health, support local farms, and support YOUR health.  Healthier animals mean a healthier protein for us.

Here is a quick breakdown of what I just spent on 6 meals. (for those of you that think eating healthy is expensive)


Organic chicken drumsticks, 5 large for $4.52 at Trader Joe’s

1 15 oz can of organic tomatoes for $2.50

1/8 of an onion, roughly $.10

spices and herbs (cumin, chipotle powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, cilantro) maybe $.20 if that.

1 cup of a bone broth I had made from marrow bones $1.30

2 sides of greens or veggies approx $2.00

First 2 meals are from the chili I made after cooking off 3 of the drumsticks in the oven this morning, taking the meat off and saving the bones for future stock (about 2 cups which alone makes great light meals or snacks). I had two drums leftover, large enough to each be one meal with a side of vegetables.  2 big bowls of chili, 2 cups of stock, and 2 meals containing protein and vegetables. There you have it, 6 meals or snacks all for around $1.75 each.