An Introduction…

Welcome to my new blog, The Huntress and the Harvest, where I will be sharing my many adventures in what I refer to as “housewifery” (although I’m not a wife and I have a real job) . This will include my trials and tribulations in what is known as the “primal” lifestyle (we will get to what that means in a few) and also the random other things that I come across in my attempt to make my home more sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthier for my family.

I guess I should share a little about myself in case you don’t already know me or if you do, maybe you’ll find out something new. I’m 26 years old.  I live in a small town in northeast Ohio called New Franklin.  I am a mother to an amazing little boy named Evan who turns 3 on October 30th.  I live in the house I grew up in, moving back home once my parents moved out and I was sick of the city lifestyle. The house itself is one of the oldest in the town with the original part built in the 1800s.  It has a relatively good size back yard where my 2 dogs, Samurai and Maggie, have freedom to roam.  I live here with my son and my wonderful other half, Matthew.  We are both learning about sustainable living and slowly working our way up the ladder.  One project we will be starting soon is making my small storage barn into a chicken coop and in the spring getting some chicks for eggs.  I’m sure that mission will be a few entries itself.  Outside of the home, I am a kitchen manager for a locally owned bar and grill where I have worked seven and a half years.  It isn’t the best job around, and sometimes it bums me out that I can’t use more of my knowledge and skill as far as health food goes, but it’s a job and it pays the bills.  My love is at home with my family and in the kitchen where I probably spend at least half my waking hours in.

A quick introduction to what is known as the primal lifestyle,  Some call it paleo or ancestral, some say live like a caveman.  Everyone has their own opinions on what foods are ok and which are not, but most everyone follows the same basic rules.  Some people are super strict and asshole-ish about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, use it as a general basis to follow, not something to kill yourself over.  Basic principles are as follows:

*A hunter-gatherer based diet.  Anything you couldn’t hunt, kill, or pick, don’t eat.  Of course most of us will be hunting and gathering at the grocery stores or markets, it is an overall general rule to think of before you put it in your mouth.

*Processed foods are OUT. Any weird preservatives or hydrogenated crap is out.

*Grains are a no-no (a caveman wouldn’t have been eating pasta or bread and we will go into why we should limit our intake in another blog)

*Vegetables and healthy meats should be the main staples in your diet.

*Shop local, organic, grass-fed, and pasture raised.

*Exercise.  By this I mean don’t sit around on your ass all day at work to come home and sit on your ass some more.  Go to the woods and climb a tree. Do yardwork.  Carry some heavy stuff.  Move. PLAY.

*Stay connected to nature.  Take weekly trips to the woods, go swim in a lake, go play in the snow.  Take a moment to realize how beautiful the outside world is and remember that  we are a part of it and it shouldn’t be foreign to us.  In the midst of our lives and the sheltered buildings we live in, we often forget to pay attention to the wonderful world that is all around us.  (Trust me, it doesn’t just exist in your tv, which in my opinion if you have a television obsession that you cannot control, break it. Break it now and never look back.)

One more thing about myself.  I am sarcastic.  Sometimes I swear like a sailor.  If you’re looking for a blog that uses class and lady like manners, then do not follow me.  If you can handle it, you’re about to be immersed in my thoughts, photos, experiments gone good or bad, and any references I find helpful to share with you.  Thanks for reading and hopefully I can inspire you to find your inner primal being wherever you may live.


4 thoughts on “An Introduction…

  1. Oh, Jen! I cannot wait to read everything you write here! I feel like your outlook on this is very similar to ours. Which is why I want to talk to you about my secret plan. I will shoot you a message this weekend when I really have time to get into it!!!
    Love you dearly!
    Xxo, Phoebe

  2. i will definitely be following exciting to learn new and different things to cook that are also so healthy for myself and kids as well as CHEAP lmao..hurry up and post 🙂

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